My Lip Augmentation Experience with Emervale Lips

Monday, 29 September 2014

Those of you who read my post about what I got for my birthday (here) will remember that my beautiful (and generous) daughter paid for me to get lip augmentation. That may sound like an odd present but she knew that I was pretty sad about the effect the ageing process was having on my lips. What some of you may not know is that as you age, your lips get thinner, your cupids bow disappears and your mouth droops at the corners – depressing right? Particularly when like me, you love lipsticks and the brighter the better. My wonderful girl knew that this was really starting to get me down and despite being a student and working two jobs for the latter part of the summer, she spent a huge chunk of her wages  on this gift to me, knowing that it would not only help me look better, but would help me feel better too. Rebecca had her own lips done about a year ago now, which has left her with a  gorgeous full smile which looks amazing. She got hers done at a clinic in Glasgow called the Peppermint Group, which was originally a private dental practice but now specialises in a variable of injectibles and other non invasive treatments. She was really happy with hers and so it was decided on Saturday 28th just 6 days after my birthday my lips would be getting the makeover they badly needed. 

On the morning I woke up very excited but a little apprehensive. I wasn’t just scared that it would hurt, I was scared I would end up with lips that looked like Jessica Rabbit’s. Scared or not though, it was too late to wimp out. 

Just time for a quick pic before I left.

The Before…

Any thoughts of not going through with it were quickly dispelled by this picture. My lips are uneven, I have no cupid’s bow and barely any top lip at all. Resolve stiffened, we drove to the clinic  in Bath Street in Glasgow and minutes after filling out the form, I found myself sitting in a chair ready to begin. 

The During…
My treatment was carried out by Rita, the Clinical Director with Leeanne a non clinical director and aesthetic consultant standing by offering advice and suggestions as we went. I felt really lucky to have both of them involved in my treatment and was confident I was in safe hands. My appointment began with a consultation which was really helpful. I was booked in for 1ml of Juvederm Smile but when I was advised that 1ml of Emervale Lips would give a better result, last longer and cost almost £100 less, I gladly agreed to go with that option. I was asked what my concerns were and my treatment was tailored accordingly. Finally it was time to begin. First Rita injected round the outline of my lips, then into each point of my cupid’s bow. She then injected into each corner of my mouth to encourage them to turn upwards. Lastly she injected into the body of my lips, concentrating on my bottom lip. I was a little concerned about this as it was my upper lip I was most unhappy with but Leeanne explained the reasoning behind it. As a child, your top lip is naturally one third and your bottom lip two thirds of the total volume of your mouth. In more recent times, many of the celebs have been going for the the Porn Star Pout which is usually half and half, and a lot of young girls have been following suit. I realised that it is that half and half proportion that gives the obvious “I have had my lips done look” which was the look I wanted to avoid. I decided to just relax and leave it to the experts. When she was happy with how my lips looked, Rita used the solution she had left to soften the lines at the corners of my mouth.  And then it was done!

So Did It Hurt? 
I had been told that the solution contains a small amount of novocaine and that any discomfort would reduce after the first couple of injections but to be honest that was not my experience. I had also been told it didn’t really hurt and again, I can’t really agree. For me it did hurt, a lot, a nasty stingy kind of pain, but to be fair, I always have been a real coward. It wasn’t unbearable though – I just dug the nails of my right hand into my left arm to distract me, breathed deeply and thought of lipstick. Simple…

The After…

I took this picture as soon as I got home to show you the immediate effect. I was really pleased although looking at it now I can see that my lips were still swollen which has given an uneven effect particularly to my bottom lip which had the most work. Although you can’t see it here, I had some bruising at a couple of the injection sites but nothing that couldn’t be covered up with lipstick. Overall I could easily have gone straight back to work – this truly is a lunch break procedure.

The Cost…

Inclusive of consultation, aftercare, product and treatment the total cost of my Emervale Lips was £300 which for a treatment which lasts for 12 – 18 months is not bad. 

And Now…

It is now two days later and I am thrilled. I don’t feel like I have new lips, I feel that I have my own lips back, the lips I had years ago before age took its toll. I love how natural they look though I do think the treatment has made a noticeable difference. I certainly notice every time I look in the mirror, every time I put my makeup on –  I LOVE them!

Oh and my husband is besotted with them too 🙂

Have you every had (or thought about) lip augmentation? What was your experience?

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