What I Got For My Birthday

So most of you know by now that Monday was my birthday and it has to be said I was spoiled rotten. I was wined and dined all weekend with all of my family around me – bliss!
I wasn’t sure whether I should write this post, I know some people consider it boasting. But hell I am SO happy with the pressies I was given, and so grateful for them that I wanted to share them with you. 
So I will…
Isn’t this beautiful, I regularly commute to Edinburgh by train so have had my eye on one of this for a while to keep in my handbag for blogging on the train. My original ipad was so heavy I hated carrying it around. The mini is so dinky and cute I will take it with me everywhere.
I recently had my purse eaten by a fox so I was thrilled to open up this little beauty from Kath Kidston – isn’t it pretty?
And isn’t this cover for my ipad mini just the cutest thing ever? I am actually in love with it.

And look at these treats. The prettiest of notebooks, a perfume from Zara called Nuit which is gorgeous, an Urban Decay brown liner and a simply DELISH mask from Lush.
On the subject of delicious, I just love facials, massages and trips to a spa so this voucher was received with squeals of excitement.

‘You can’t have got lips’, I hear you say – but you would be wrong. My darling girl bought me a token for lip fillers for my birthday and I am so excited about it. I have an appointment on Saturday so look out for me on twitter looking like a trout lol. 

Isn’t this cute? And super useful too…
I doubt this needs any introduction but just in case I have readers from Mars, let me explain. My birthday weekend each year is the weekend Apple release their newest iphone and every year I fall for the hype. 
My name is Jules, I am addicted to Apple….