The Pomegranate Anti Ageing Range from The Body Shop

It’s no secret that I am obsessive about skincare. I have been since a very young age. I was that teen who had a full routine including serums and eye cream at just 13 years old and this early interest in all things beauty has continued into my middle years. So when I was contacted by the Body Shop and asked if I would like to review some of their anti ageing skin care line, I literally squealed with delight. The Pomegranate range has been specially formulated to address the signs of ageing, helping the skin to feel firmer, and softening the appearance of lines and wrinkles. I really love the plum packaging of this range, isn’t it gorgeous? Perfect for this time of year.  
The first product I tried from the range was the Pomegranate Softening Cream Cleanser. I immediately noticed it’s wonderful fragrance, a quite unusual sweet perfumed scent that I absolutely loved. The texture was pretty special too, a light whipped cream that was an absolute pleasure to massage into the skin melting away the day’s makeup and impurities. You can remove the cleanser with cotton wool but I am a face cloth kind of girl so I like to wipe it away with a hot cloth. I am really impressed with the way the product left my skin feeling – soft, plump and very hydrated. 
The second product I tried from the range was the Firming Serum. This product is a very different texture from the Cleanser – a light semi translucent gel – but it has the same delicious fragrance. As I patted the serum onto my face and neck, I felt an instant tightening effect. As well as firming ingredients, the serum is hydrating, but I like to layer it under my usual day and night creams to give my skin a real moisture boost. 
I have only been using these products for a couple of weeks so obviously it is too soon to comment on how well they will live up to their promise to increase firmness and decrease wrinkles. What I have noticed already though is how clear my skin looks and how soft, plump and hydrated it feels. 
Will I keep using them? 
Till the very last drop!
Highly recommended…
If you want to find out more about the Pomegranate anti ageing products from the Body Shop, check out their full range here.