Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Pampering Sunday - the Facial

I just love Sundays. For me it is the best day of the weekend. Saturdays are all about friends, shopping and socialising but Sundays are all about ME!!! 

I have a pretty set routine on Sundays. I sleep late, do a bit of blogging, organise my wardrobe for the week and spend some time catching up with all the beauty tasks I have let slip through the week. 

One of the things I love to do on a Sunday is spend a bit of time on my skin. I am pretty good with my skincare but day to day I keep things pretty minimal. On Sundays though, I like to go for the full spa experience - so here’s a little guide to my Pamper Sunday Facial.

Light a Scented Candle
Okay I know it is a cliché but hey its a cliche for a reason. Pamper Sunday just wouldn’t be the same without a scented candle.

As its Pamper Sunday I like to start by using an oil or balm and always spend a few moments massaging it into my skin. I am still loving the BalanceMe Cleanse and Smooth Balm which I reviewed here and thats the one I am using today.

Rinse and Repeat 
I follow up by cleansing for a second time with a foaming cleanser. Have you tried A Perfect World by Origins. I am really liking this one at the moment, its quite gentle and really leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh but not stripped which is a feeling I really hate.

I stopped using toners for years until I started following Caroline Hirons blog which is all about skincare. She highly recommends using acid exfoliants every single day to keep dead skin calls at bay. There are lots of exfoliating toners about and I think I have tried them all but my favourites are the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner and the Pixie Glow Tonic. I am using the Clarins at the moment simply because its the easiest to get, both Boots and Superdrug stock it.

I love me my face masks and use not one, not two but a totally indulgent THREE different masks as part of my Pamper Sunday facial. I start with the Alpha H Liquid Gold Soothing and Perfecting mask. I will warn you now that this one tingles. It is an at home peel, rich with acids and does a simply amazing job of exfoliating my skin without any scrubbing. Next I use a deep cleansing mask. I really love the clay one by Origins but today I used the Thermal Detox Mask by Sanctuary. Its probably daft but the way it heats up when I apply it to my skin, really makes me feel like it is working. Having exfoliated and deeply cleansed, all that is left to do is to moisturise and my all time favourite moisturising mask is Drink It Up by Origins. I slather it on, all over my face, neck and décolleté and sit back with a  cuppa and let it work its magic.

Sounds crazy but even after all that pampering, when I wash off my final mask I always massage in a generous amount of my favourite moisturiser, the Balance Me Rich Face Cream. 

Top Tip 
As you apply each of these products to your face neck and décolleté, wipe the excess on to the backs of your hands. The skin there is very thin and is constantly exposed to the elements so could really use a little pampering too.

Do you have any pampering rituals you always do on a Sunday?


  1. You are very dedicated. I wish I had the time every Sunday for some pampering but I just don't. Your routine sounds amazing though.

    Hayley \\

    1. Its less about being dedicated and more about being self indulgent but yes I am lucky to be able to spoil myself on Sundays x

  • Excellent post! I totally agree with you about Sundays being all about you. I always wake up, clean the house, grab a shower, get my breakfast and then start my pampering day. I'm currently sitting with my Sanctuary Spa mask on as i type this ha, such a good mask xx

    1. Thanks Lauren, I typed it wearing a variety of masks lol - what a pair x

  • Sounds like the perfect way to spend sunday evening! I love a good facemask and the sanctuary one is amazing and the heating effect makes me feel like its opening all of my pores and getting all of the crap out!!

    1. I KNOW! It really does feel like it is doing the business x

  • I think I might start doing something like this once a week too, it's nice to relax at the end of the week with a pamper session! : Student Box Swap


    1. I just feel like it sets me up for the week - plus it is fun and soooo relaxing xxx


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