Saturday, 5 April 2014

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Saturday Haul

So this week was mostly about Asos - (with a little bit of Office thrown in). Although I could have just as accurately said that this week was mostly about footwear - (with a pretty little dress thrown in).
Either way it was FUN!!!!

This is the Whistles Junya Bodycon Dress in 100% stretch silk. I didn't even know you could get stretchy silk but it feels lovely. Not going to lie what caught my eye about this dress was the price - reduced from £165 to just £76 !!! How could I resist? How can you? If you can't, it is still available here...

Styling this dress should be easy. Depending on the footwear and accessories I think it can be dressed up or down and will look great on many occasions. And speaking of footwear....

I blame YOU Anna - ever since I saw these shoes on your blog here, I knew I had to have them. Pointy heels that are comfy? Whats not to love? Certainly not the price ! When I saw they were just £25 a pair, I just had to have them!
In every colour!!!! 
Except the white.
I may go back for those!!!!!

So that's dressed up sorted. 
In all honesty I can't say that I am short of boots, but you can never have too many pairs right? So when I saw these beauties reduced to less from £95 to £48 in the Office sale? 
Well I had to ask.
And they had my size.
And they dress down my new dress perfectly.
You know the rest!

If you love them as much as I do then they are still available here...

So that's me pretty much rooked but I really think I got some bargains this week. £224 for a pair of leather boots, 4 pairs of heels and a silk dress? I am pretty chuffed with that.
Not sure my bank manager agrees!



  1. Oh those shoes look beautiful! So jealous right now!

  2. A Day In The Life Of A Northern Girl5 April 2014 16:53

    Oooo love those boots they're gorgeous!

    Hannah xxx

  3. beautybycaitlin.com5 April 2014 18:26

    Those shoes look amazing! I can think of a million different things to wear them with off the top of my head haha!


  4. amazing haul hun ! love the shoes ! great choices :)
    The Inked Blonde-VintageMel

  5. Jessica Edmunds5 April 2014 23:14

    The shoes are my favourite part the boots are to die for, and the heels are amazing, major envy right now xxx

  6. great haul!!!! loving the colourful shoes xxx

  7. Katie Reynolds8 April 2014 21:27

    I absolutely love the orange and green pair! xx


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