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Dyson Insights

Dyson Insights on healthy hair, hair styles, air quality and cleaning are just some of the areas that we explore at Dyson. We engineer solutions to everyday problems, from capturing dirt and air pollution to reducing hair damage, driven by a relentless desire to make things work better.

  • how to make your house smell good

    Most of us want our homes to smell fresh and clean for family and guests. We’ve a few simple steps for freshening up your living environment, cleaning and shifting odors.

    how to stop thinning hair

    Most of us want our homes to smell fresh and clean for family and guests. We’ve a few simple steps for freshening up your living environment, cleaning and shifting odors.

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    how to stop thinning hair

    Hair thinning or hair loss can be caused by many different factors, including both controllable and uncontrollable circumstances. Discover the causes of thinning hair and how to reduce it.

    how to solve the 10 most common hair problems

    Everyone has different hair, and with that comes varying issues. Dyson hair care experts have created a list of the top ten hair problems and how to solve them.

    Dyson air purifier humidifier used to clean air of family room

    A humidifier adds moisture to the air. But why does that matter? Discover how humidifiers can help protect our health and wellbeing indoors.

    Dyson Airwrap multi-styler used by model to style hair

    Hair damage can be caused by excessive heat, brushing, chemicals, and UV. Hair can’t heal once damaged, so it’s important to protect it.

    How to choose the best air purifier

    Using an air purifier helps improve indoor air quality and gives you peace of mind that you can breathe cleaner air at home. The quality of the air indoors not only affects your comfort level but your health as well.

    How to make your hair grow faster

    Hair is vitally important for thermal insulation, dryness and protection. Many factors can disrupt the rate of hair growth, including diet, stress, hormonal imbalances and even certain medical treatments. Dyson is dedicated to understanding the science behind strands so we can identify ways to reduce damage and encourage growth.

    How to clean the common areas of your house

    Cleaning the common areas of your home is made easy with the right vacuum cleaner and accessories. See Dyson's checklist for cleaning the staircase, the hallway, and the living room

    How to deep clean your children's bedroom

    A deep clean is necessary to help maintain a healthy home, especially where kids are concerned. Dyson vacuum cleaners and accessories are engineered to capture hidden bedroom dust.

    How to curl your hair using a hair straightener

    Dyson's Global Styling Ambassadors share their tips and tricks on curling hair with a hair straightener. Try these curly and wavy styles at home with your Dyson Corrale hair straightener.

    How to eliminate household dust

    We spend 90% of our time indoors, according to estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO), and indoor air quality can be five times worse than outdoor air quality. Eliminating household dust through regular cleaning, home maintenance, and home improvement projects is important for your wellbeing.

    How to style long hair for men

    Whether you’ve been maintaining long hair for a while now or you’re thinking about growing your hair out, there are many options to wear long hair natural or styled. It’s important to keep your hair healthy so it can continue to grow long and strong. Finding the right long hair styles for men will help you feel confident with your longer locks.

    Dyson reveals the most neglected spots during a deep clean

    Dennis Mathews, Research Scientist in Microbiology at Dyson reveals the most neglected places during a deep clean – as highlighted by Dyson’s first ever global dust study. 

    Dyson air purifier in a room

    The summer months are traditionally peak home moving season, with approximately 60 per cent of annual moves taking place between May-August in the USA  and the last Friday in August proving to be the busiest day of the year for home movers in the UK.  

    Dyson vaccum cleaning hard floor

    Dyson engineers Sharon Yap and Dr Calum Robertson discuss the best ways to clean hard floors – keeping them dust-free, germ-free and stain-free. Think about your daily cleaning routine and then think again having read our key tips below.

    Cooking up a storm: the lesser known impact of cooking on air quality

    From appliances, to the methods we use and the food that we cook, the kitchen can be an indoor pollution hotspot. Whether you’re cooking up a festive feast or baking for family and friends, preparing food can release a unique mix of pollutants into the air.

    Taking care of men's hair

    Dyson Global Education Manager Amy Johnson talks men's hair trends and care.

    How to clean your carpet

    From daily cleaning to dealing with entrenched dirt and stains, Dyson engineers James McCrea and Dr Calum Robertson share their top tips on how to keep your carpet clean.

    Formaldehyde: the invisible indoor pollutant

    Ever noticed that ‘fresh paint smell’ when you slap a new layer of paint onto the walls? Odours are usually an indication that a substance has been released into the air – but whilst the smell of new paint may fade, the off-gassing of potentially harmful gases can persist. 

    Four ways to get perfect beach waves

    Beach waves are renowned for their casual, natural look. Whether it’s summer or winter, the look is a low maintenance style that’s easy to achieve with the right tools. On hand to help to get the look is celebrity hairsylist Jen Atkin as she shares her top tips and tricks for achieving the perfect beach waves.

    How to use your vacuum cleaner accessories

    Vacuum cleaners aren’t designed to only clean your floors and carpets. With the right accessories, they can be used to clean everything from your mattress to your air conditioning unit. 

    Keeping dust-free during dust mite season

    The WHO estimates that we spend up to 90% of our time indoors . As winter draws in and lockdowns continue in some parts of the world, this is only set to increase. Dust mite season is upon us and as we spend more time indoors, do we really know what’s lurking in our homes?

    Mother's Day Look Book

    Mother's Day Look Book from Dyson. Take a look at how to achieve these trending styles for this season with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, Dyson Airwrap styler and Dyson Corrale straightener. From textured curls, to framing layers, there is a look for every hair type and every multitasking woman out there.

    Top five summer styles using Dyson Personal Care technology

    Dyson Global Education Manager Amy Johnson shares her top five summer styles and how to achieve them using Dyson personal care technology.  

    Reducing exposure to wildfire smoke particles

    Alongside devastating destruction, one of the main impacts of wildfires is the smoke that lingers for hours, days and sometimes weeks. 

    The 50 Year Fight for Clean Air

    Clean air for all. It’s a simple phrase but a complex goal to achieve.

    Clean Air Day 2020: Why Air Quality Knowledge is Power

    Indoor air quality is a global problem. We are increasingly aware of the need to avoid busy roads, switch off idling engines and protect our outdoor environment from pollutants. But we are less aware of the impact that air quality has on us as individuals, not only during the comparatively short periods of time we spend outside, but indoors where we spend 90% of our time.

  • How indoor air quality affects sleep

    Air quality can change by season, humidity, and many other conditions in your home. We break down the key effects of indoor air pollution on sleep quality.

    How to prevent and get rid of split ends

    Split ends occur when hair becomes damaged. Discover the causes of split ends, how to prevent them, and the importance of a healthy hair care routine.

    Five ways to keep your color-treated hair healthy

    We spend plenty of time and money on our skin and hair, yet our scalp is often overlooked. Discover how to get a healthy scalp with our top tips.

    Five ways to keep your color-treated hair healthy

    Colored hair damage can be traced back to what's happening at a molecular level. So how we protect it should start there too. At Dyson we've invested over £100m and employ hundreds of engineers, scientists and stylists to investigate the science behind hair.

    How to clean your home office

    A home office deep clean is important for productivity, creativity and a clearer mind. Keep things in order with our cleaning checklist.

    Five tips to help maintain healthy hair

    Hair strands suffer daily damage. By combining the right technology with simple tips and tricks, it’s possible to achieve healthy-looking hair to be proud of.

    How to help manage pollen allergies

    Pollen allergies spike during the spring and summer months. Learn how to help manage pollen allergies and symptoms – Dyson air purifiers help to capture pollen allergens.

    How to help take control of pet allergies

    Pet allergy reactions can be difficult to manage. Take preventative action to help reduce your exposure to pet dander in homes with pets and allergy sufferers.

    Continue reading about how to take control of pet allergies

    How to pick the right hair dryer brush

    For voluminous blow-outs or smooth and straight styles, the key lies with the right hair dryer brush. Pair a paddle brush or round brush with your Dyson Supersonic hair dryer for carefree styling with no extreme heat.

    How to establish a hair care routine

    By establishing a regular hair care routine, you’re able to properly maintain your tresses and counter some of the effects of mechanical and chemical damage. Between the regular use of hot tools, chemicals, and daily styling, your hair goes through a lot. These processes also increase the risk of experiencing heat damaged hair.

    3 benefits of replacing your air purifier filter on time

    Air purifiers help improve indoor air quality by trapping dust, allergens, and other visible and microscopic particles floating around your home. In order for your air purifier to work properly, it will need an air filter replacement on a regular basis. 

    Jen Atkin holds the Dyson Corrale hair straightener

    Dyson Global Styling Ambassador, Jen Atkin shares her insights on how increased time in lockdown has impacted summer hair trends. 

    10 Easy hairstyles

    Leave the house in style with Dyson's five-step guide to mastering a range of 10 easy hairstyles at home. Suitable for all hair types and lengths.

    Jon Reyman reveals how to diagnose your hair type and treat it right

    Dyson Global Styling Ambassador Jon Reyman shares why understanding your hair type is essential towards getting the style you want while keeping your hair healthy.

    How to clean your car interior properly

    Cleaning tips from Dyson engineers help you stay in the driving seat when cleaning your car. 

    Dyson urges caution over indoor air quality during lockdown

    Results from Dyson’s air quality lockdown project indicate increased PM2.5 levels indoors during lockdown and a reduction in NO2 levels outdoors.

    Dyson ambassadors reveal how to style hair at home

    Watch Dyson ambasadors Jen Atkin, Matt Collins and Larry King as they reveal their top tips for styling hair at home. 

    How to clean your mattress

    We spend roughly a third of our lives in our beds, but studies show that hardly any of us regularly prioritise our mattresses as part of our cleaning regimens. Dyson engineers share top tips on how to keep your mattress clean – and tackle the microscopic life lurking beneath the sheets. 

    How to get a comfortable face mask fit

    With masks now an essential part of our daily lives, we asked Dyson experts to share their top tips on how to achieve the perfect face mask fit.  

    Hair Styling Tips for Men by Dyson

    It was nearly five years ago that Dyson launched the Dyson Supersonic™ hairdryer. In that time, stylists have been using it during Men’s Fashion Weeks across the globe.  Here are the top five looks for men, which can be created using the Dyson Supersonic™ hairdryer.

    Spring cleaning: Weekly plan

    Spring cleaning tips from a Dyson microbiologist.

    Living in lockdown: how to improve the air quality in your home

    From deep cleaning and painting the walls to cooking in the kitchen, lockdown restrictions have resulted in a surge of indoor activity. Despite the domestic benefit, the effect on the air we breathe in our homes is less favourable.    

    Psoriasis and air treatment

    Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool is the first humidifier purifier certified by the National Psoriasis Foundation

    Summer fireworks cause major air pollution spikes

    As is tradition, many cities across the US celebrated America’s Independence Day by lighting up the sky with fireworks. While they look beautiful, there can be a downside to these celebratory explosions: air pollution.

    How do air purifiers work?

    Dyson explains how air purifiers work in a bid to raise awareness of indoor air quality – particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Dyson's Global Dust Study report

    A global research study on dust, dirt, and other debris found in homes and the cleaning habits of people from every corner of the world.

    12 Dyson styling tips for the festive season

    Dyson Hair Care Engineers and Styling Ambassadors come together to offer advice for ending the year on a healthy hair high. Read through their styling secrets to keep hair healthy for the holidays and into the New Year.