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Dallas Demo Store Owner Center outsdie shot

Technology at your fingertips: Dyson Demo Store Owner Center opens in Dallas  

Dyson continues to provide unparalleled & uninterrupted retail experience for owners with the first combined Dyson Demo Store and Owner Center in the US.


  • On August 25, 2022, the United States’ first ever Dyson Demo Store Owner Center launches in Dallas at The Shops at Park Lane. Dyson has always experimented with different and pioneering ways of letting people experience our technology. Designed by James Dyson, Dyson Demo Stores, both online and physical, are engineered to encourage people to pick-up, test and experience Dyson’s technology hands-on. Each space is focused on education and experience, with Dyson Experts available to help demonstrate and explain each piece of Dyson technology in-person. The Dyson Demo store experience is also available online with experts from the Demo stores available via live video chat and via virtual reality by using the Dyson Demo VR app on the Oculus headset. Dyson Owner Centers have a dedicated team of Dyson Experts to provide technical support, servicing and maintenance tips directly from the people who made it – avoiding hours of browsing for advice or the right product. This new location in Dallas brings the best of these worlds together in one place for the first time in the market.


    Solving problems others ignore extends across everything we do at Dyson, from pioneering new products, to research and retail. When the first Dyson Demo Store opened in 2000 in Paris, consumers were surprised by the unique environment. Often technology was sold in large department stores, stacked high and ready to buy. It wasn’t a tailored experience that helped potential owners understand the machines or technologies they were buying. The Dyson Demo Store set out to solve that and breathe new life into the way people shop for technology. By design, it redefined retail and offered a unique experience for people and potential Dyson owners.


    “Since we first started enabling owners to buy from us directly, we have been focused on understanding how we explain our technology, educating on why it pioneers and responds to a real problem. Doing this in a cluttered environment with stacked boxes or in the online equivalent, where endless pages of irrelevant and sometimes non-genuine products vie for attention, is just confusing. We think people want to get the right information quickly, and to hear it from the people who know best – those who actually invented, developed and manufactured the technology.”


    - James Dyson, Founder and Chief Engineer




  • Hair styling


    The Dallas Dyson Demo Store Owner Center will have experts dedicated to offering visitors an opportunity to choose the perfect hair care technology for their hair styling needs. Customers can test the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer, Dyson Airwrap™ styler and Dyson Corrale™ straightener on hair tresses. By providing the opportunity to test out the products, visitors get to experience the superior technology that is at the center of all Dyson products.  

    Purified air

    We filter the water we drink and we’re mindful of the food we put into our bodies; it is equally important we take care of the air we breathe – both inside and outside. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, we spend about 90 percent of our time indoors and indoor air pollution can be up to five times worse than outdoor air.


    This new Dyson Demo space will allow visitors to learn more about local air quality and how to manage air pollution within their homes. Dyson’s full range of air treatment products will be on display and brought to life using Dyson engineered demonstrations.

    Cord-free technology


    Visitors will also be encouraged to put Dyson’s latest cord-free technology to the test with varying types of debris and dust across three different floor types. Dyson’s latest cord-free technology, the Dyson V12 Detect Slim, use Dynamic Load Sensing technology to detect the floor type you’re cleaning on and adjust the amount of power used to ensure your floors receive a proper deep clean. It also features laser detect technology to illuminate debris and particles that you often can’t see with the naked eye.  New owners can customize their machine by choosing the color of the stick and purchase additional attachments to suit their needs The Dyson V12 will be available to try alongside Dyson’s full cordless vacuum range and our top of the line corded vacuums.  

    Service Center


    Expanding on Dyson’s existing Demo Stores and Service Centers in the US, the new Dyson Demo Store Owner Center in The Shops at Park Lane will provide greater access and convenience to existing owners so they can experience Dyson customer service like never before in Dallas:

    • Walk-in Service Bar: Dyson Experts will be available to coach owners how to resolve machine issues. A team of Dyson Technical Experts will support back of house for more complex machine repairs. This in-person service reduces the need to unnecessarily ship machines for repairs and centralizes spare parts for Dallas area owners
    • Offerings: As well as exclusive technologies, the Dyson Demo Store Owner Center will have limited edition colorways, tools and accessories, plus gifts and customization options available. For owners wanting to tune up their machines, the Dallas location will have complimentary machine health check-ups along with product cleaning opportunities.

    Stores without walls

    At an unprecedented time for retail, with lockdowns in some cases preventing people from visiting physical stores, Dyson transformed its digital retail spaces to be able to offer the best possible virtual experience. No matter where you are in the world, you can browse Dyson technologies through a fully interactive virtual tour of Dyson’s London, Paris and Guangzhou stores, giving a whole new meaning to shopping online.


    From the comfort of home, prospective Dyson owners can “walk” around these stores virtually, learning about the engineering processes behind Dyson’s full range of machines. Augmented reality filters are available to simulate having a Dyson product in your home, and Dyson Experts who are trained by Dyson engineers themselves – are available for live video demonstrations of any Dyson machine or styling tool. These virtual Dyson Demo stores replicate not just the physical layout of the stores but also the experience. People can book online video demos or speak to Experts directly through live chat functionality.


    Another way to experience Dyson technology is through Dyson Demo VR, an immersive 360 degree virtual reality environment where you can discover, shop and learn more about Dyson technology from the comfort of your home. Created using the same simulation tools Dyson engineers use to develop our technologies, Dyson Demo VR gives users the chance to learn more about the technology packed into Dyson machines and “try” the products in virtual reality. Demo Demo VR is available for download on Oculus headsets. 

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